We all know how important staff knowledge is when selling to our customers. They are the first point of contact with your consumers and if trained correctly can have a positive influence on sales, increasing both revenue and margin especially if they can demonstrate good knowledge around the industry and your brands.

Ultimately help to deliver a great customer experience. What do consumers want? Wine to be of good quality, wine to be in good condition and served at the correct temperature. They would like a choice of wines to be made available with a service that is professional from staff who are knowledgeable. So if you are looking for a friendly person to come along to help present your wines to your staff to help them understand your wines and how to sell them, then we are here to help you.

Wine can be an intimidating mine field especially when new to it and if we can encourage our staff to interact with customers by asking simple questions….

  • Red, White or Rosé?
  • Dry or fruity?
  • Light or full?
  • New World or Old World?
  • Preferred style or Grape variety?

These ever so simple and rarely asked questions and will ultimately deliver a style of wine that the customer will enjoy. This can only work if we empower staff with basic facts and knowledge ensuring they can sell with confidence.