James Pettit are pleased to offer premium quality menu designs free of charge to our customers who buy their wines from us. We have teamed up with one of the finest printers in the UK, Hague printers who will print off all our work to the highest standard.

Whether you are after a simple tent card to highlight wine of the month or a dedicated wine list, we cater for all. Why do we all need a wine list – well for starters wines do not generally have a great big fount to announce themselves like draught beer. So we need to instruct our customers what our offering is. Whether you’re a bar offering a simple range or a fine dining restaurant you will need a list that helps to sell those wines to your patrons.

A well thought out and constructed list will enhance your venue, encourage customers to trade up with customer experimentation and up-selling which is ultimately all about increasing sales and maximising margin. It is useful as a training aid for your staff and can be adapted to help promote wine and food matching.